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Looking to throw the ultimate Tailgate Party where everyone can have a great time? Let Xtreme Game Experience change your party into the Main Event!

adult-gamersFirst, we bring our limousine styled video game theater to your home or even to the parking lot of the big game! Inside, we provide stadium seating for 24-28 with five 50″ HDTV’s inside. On the outside we have two more HDTV’s that adds another 8 guests playing video games at the same time!

tailgate-tvHere’s where the tailgate party becomes an event. Our rig is equipped with 7 high definitions televisions  that’s perfect for all sporting events. We can display that game on one or all of our TV’s…it’s all up to you! And because it’s HD, you get that living room feeling while making it a tailgate at the same time.

Before, during and after the big game, you and your guests can play the latest multiplayer video games on Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Wii U and Playstation 4. Worried about video game ratings? Don’t! We understand the importance of providing appropriate games for your party. You can specify what games you’d like played. You don’t need to worry or compromise; it’s our policy.

We’re available in and around the Washington, DC Metropolitan area, serving Maryland and Virginia. More than 15 miles from us? We charge a slight fee to cover our mileage. Click here to learn more.

And, best of all, with Xtreme Game Experience there’s no stress and no mess! We make having your next tailgating event almost effortless.

Contact us today. Let us know what kind of tailgate party you’d like…at your home or at the game. We’ll make sure that your event is being broadcast and we’re ready to display it on our satellite TV system.


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